GCS Sports Camps

GCS Sports Camps are a fun, active, all-inclusive series of activities that combine sports coaching with a workshop style approach to offer a holistic, positive learning experience for students and athletes.
There are 4 key themes that activities are based upon. These are

1. Sport and My Values
2. Sport and Being a Leader
3. Sport and My Body
4. Sports Around the World

Whilst the content for each theme can be tailored to the specific needs/desires of the school, the following descriptions form the base. Themed sessions will include physical activity and be delivered by professionals in that field.

Sport and My Values

This topic will explore the below points through a variety of team and individual challenges.

• What are core individual values and why are they important to me?
• What are MY personal values?
• What is the role of sport in developing individual values?

Sport and Being a Leader

This topic will be delivered through Basketball specific activities and games.

• What are the qualities of a good leader?
• What makes a good sports leader?
• Do we all need to be leaders?

Sport and My Body

This topic will include personal fitness profiling and strength and conditioning exercises.

• Why is it important to be healthy?
• How does sport affect my physical and mental health?
• How can I take charge of my own health and wellbeing?

Sports around the World

This topic will include an introduction to the sport of Australian Football and will culminate in a panel discussion with all of the delivers.

• Why is it good to learn about sports from other countries?
• What are the benefits of role models in sport?
• Could I have a career in sport?

GCS Sports Camp format

GCS Sports Camps can be designed to specific needs and priorities of the school. The following stipulations are consistent across all camps.
• Camps conducted on the school premises
• Duration of each camp is 2 days
• Each theme is allotted approximately ½ day
• Each camp can cater for a maximum of 100 students.
• Students will rotate throughout the 4 themes to ensure participation in each one
• Schools can book more than one camp for multiples of 100 students i.e. 2 camps over 4 days for 200 students.
• Equipment and certain resource requirements to be discussed with the school

Target age groups

Students will be required to be grouped according to their ages/year level. We will tailor the delivery and the content of each theme and activities according to the ages of the students. This will be discussed with the school prior to delivery.
Camps can be catered for students aged 9 – school leaving age.

Facilities required

The following facilities will be required for the duration of the camp

• 1 x Basketball court with available basketball hoops
• 1 x Indoor court or 1 x tennis court sized area
• 1 x grassed area for physical activity

Where possible we will work within the infrastructure of the school and the facilities available. If required, activities may be modified accordingly.
Use of available school sports equipment to be discussed prior to the camp.

Certificates of achievement and participation

All students will receive a certificate of participation as well as additional individual awards and certificates for particular achievements.
Students will also receive any additional notes and resources from the sessions.

Additional Sports activities

GCS can facilitate additional sports activities in a variety of sports. Activities could include
• High Performance training methods
• Sports specific 1 to 1 coaching
• Inter-school tournaments

To find out more about our camps or to book an initial consultation please contact Rick on +61 (0) 458933115 or rick@gcsprojects.org