How great could your Coaches be?



Every day at our sports clubs, coaches are doing their best to share their knowledge and experience of their chosen sport to the members of their club. Whether young, first year coaches or older more experienced coaches, paid or volunteers, sports coaches (on the whole) have a desire to pass on information to participants of that particular sport to assist them to learn and develop certain skills and generally help the participant to have a fulfilling, positive experience.

Good coaches will give their athletes feedback and hopefully they’ll do it in such a way as to encourage improvement in the athlete’s performance.
Who gives the coach feedback?
Who gives the coach feedback in such a way as to encourage improvement in their performance?
Some coaches might seek feedback. They might actively research the most recent resources in their sport. They might talk to other coaches in their sport or even in other sports. They MIGHT.

At your sports club what do you do to support your coaches? Do you encourage them to learn, to experiment, to improve? How do you determine if they are doing a good job? Do you ask the parents or athletes? Is it a case of ‘no news is good news’ so if there are no actual complaints then the coach is doing a good job? Is it trophies or win/loss ratios?
Does your sports club have a motto? Perhaps a few words initially put together to instil some pride or inspire performance? Maybe even set a certain standard at the club for which it wants to be known by? Do your coaches reflect this in the way they coach? Would they even know if they did or didn’t?

Sports coaching can be one of life’s most rewarding experiences. If you’re not sure whether you’re getting the best out of your coaches or whether your coaches are getting the best out of your club or most importantly whether your coaches are getting the best out of their own experience coaching then get in touch. We offer 1 to 1 coach feedback sessions or whole club sessions.

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