GCS & Marlen’s Handball Coaching

GCS is proud to be partnering with Marlen Slinning from Marlen’s Handball Coaching to ensure that delivery of the Global Sport ~ Global Learning Handball Program continues in England’s North East.
Marlen, originally from Norway holds a combined Sport Sciences and Physical Education degree with focus on both Primary and Secondary Physical Education. She has always had a great passion for sporting activities and has 12 years of handball coaching experience. Marlen is also involved in national tutoring for Handball coaches and runs the Newcastle Vikings Handball Club.
The Global Sports ~ Global Learning Handball Program consists of 6 sessions. Each session includes 1 practical lesson and 1 theory lesson. After each practical handball lesson the group then participates in classroom activities whereby they record their experiences in the form of a sports coaching manual. The manual is a collection of their work which includes their wording of the rules and equipment required to play as well as detailed instructions for how to perform the skills. It also includes information about their school and their daily routines and lifestyle. This is then published and sent to a school in India where it is used to teach the Indian children how to play Handball. A letter/report full of pictures and photos is then sent back to the school from the children in India explaining how they used the manual. It also includes details of where they live and their culture. This relationship can continue post program.
Since 2010 the Global Sport ~ Global Learning program has been successfully delivered to over 60 schools and young offender institutes in England. The program is now currently being launched in Australia expanding the opportunities for schools to engage in global collaborations.
For more information about how your school can get involved in the Global Sport ~ Global Learning Handball Program please contact Rick at rick@gcsprojects.org or +61 (0) 4589 33115.

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