15 questions to ask myself when coaching my junior sports team.

15 questions to ask myself when coaching my junior sports team.

1. Do I look like a coach who is ready for training? Am I wearing the appropriate kit?

2. Am I prepared with all the activities and equipment ready?

3. What’s my plan if one of the kids gets injured during training? Have I got another adult staying for the session?

4. What can I say to ensure we start and end the session positively?

5. Am I using terminology that the kids will understand? Is it appropriate?

6. Have I got every kid’s attention before I explain this next activity?

7. How could I check that the kids have understood what I’m saying? Should I get them to explain it to me before we move on?

8. Who has a birthday or special occasion this week that we can all celebrate?

9. Should I give his mum and dad a call? He really doesn’t seem himself lately. I wonder if everything is ok? I’d hate for them to think I don’t care.

10. Are we making progress as a team? Should I be changing anything here?

11. How can I challenge these guys? They really seem up for it.

12. Why can’t I seem to get through to these kids? Are they not having fun? Should I be changing my approach?

13. Who can I ask about getting some new ideas for training sessions?

14. Who could I ask for some feedback about my coaching?

15. What will I learn from these kids tonight?


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