13 reasons why coaching young kids probably isn’t for me

1. I’m not interested in that feeling coaches get when they witness a child learning a new skill.

2. I’m not interested in being a positive influence in a young person’s life.

3. I’m too much of an adult to occasionally lose my inhibitions and go out of my way to relate to a child.

4. I’m not prepared to bend down or get on a knee to really speak to a child at their eye level.



5. I don’t see the point in altering the volume or tone of my voice when addressing a kids sports team.

6. I don’t see any sense in kneeling down in the middle of a court or field to view the area through the eyes of a small child.

7. I’m not really interested in creating an environment where kids will learn loads of life skills.

8. I’m not prepared to put myself in a situation where my every action and decision could possibly be watched and judged.

9. I don’t need to learn anything about sport. I played it, what more could I possibly get out of it?

10. I just don’t see how anything mentioned above could be any fun or add any value to my life.

11. Just because I am a member of society doesn’t mean I have to contribute towards it.

12. I have no interest in doing anything outside of my comfort zone in life!

13. The sound of kids laughing, seeing smiling faces, the joy of sharing ups and downs, wins and losses, creating new friendships and generally just having an awesome time….really doesn’t appeal to me.

Seems like being a sports coach just mustn’t be for me!


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