11 Things I’d hate to hear as a coach of a junior sports team.

11 Things I’d hate to hear as a coach of a junior sports team.


1. ‘My daughter won’t be returning to practice because she gets bored waiting in line for her turn to kick the ball.’

2. ‘Sorry I let you down coach, I know how much winning means to you.’

3. ‘I just panicked when the ball came to me, I heard mum and dad shouting instructions at me, I heard you shouting instructions at me and my team mates all shouting at me. I forgot what to do’.

4. ‘Why were you yelling at the referee during the match but you tell us off when we complain about a decision you make during the games at training?’

5. ‘I can’t convince our son to come back to training, sorry. He just says it isn’t fun. He is only 6 yrs old after all.’

6. ‘Wow! Those little kids sure look to have the run of things. It’s out of control!’

7. ‘How come we always start training 10 minutes late? Mum gets annoyed that we are here on time and ready but we always seem to be waiting for you to set things up.’

8. ‘I know my child isn’t the most talented out there and I know he can be a little bit hard work at times but in the last part of the season he’s hardly had any match time and at training you seem to ignore him.’

9. ‘Did you have a really bad day because you’ve been really grumpy with us all training session?’

10. ‘I wasn’t sure how to explain this to you, I don’t mean to offend you but you’re not overly approachable.’

11. ‘Those kids look like they’re having heaps of fun. I wish we had their coach.’

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