11 super reasons to get to know the parents in your junior sports team.

1. There will probably be a time during the season when I’m going to need volunteer helpers, whether during training or match day. It’s a whole lot easier approaching parents if I have a relationship with them. More chance they will want to help.

2. These parents are entrusting me with their child! The least I can do is make an effort to speak to them and make sure they think I am approachable.

3. If I really care about my coaching then I need to really care about the kids I coach. If I see or hear something during training that I reckon the parents should know about then I need to feel comfortable enough to speak to them. So much easier if I already have a relationship with them.

4. I need to find a way to communicate some honest feedback to one of my players. If I speak to the parents about it as well then we can all ensure that the child takes it the right way and responds.

5. I want to try something different with these kids to really challenge them. Fortunately, because the parents all trust me and we’ve spoken about my principles of coaching, I reckon they’ll support me and back me up.

6. I’m not really looking forward to speaking to these parents about their child’s behaviour and attitude at training but at least I know they will listen to me and respect what I have to say.

7. If I take the time to communicate with all the parents via text, email and face to face then hopefully they will also communicate to me for things like when they can’t make it to training or maybe any significant things happening in their child’s life. Good stuff to know!

8. I feel a lot more relaxed during training after having a bit of a laugh with the parents at the start. It doesn’t feel quite so much as though they are all standing there judging everything I say and do.

9. At least I know I can be honest with the parents and they’ll understand that I’m not well and I have to cancel training this week at short notice.

10. So when your child had to make a choice between two different sports this season, you’re telling me that you would all prefer them to stay and be coached by me? How cool, thanks!

11. This certainly isn’t why I coach these kids but all these bottles of wine will sure look good in the wine rack!

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